Plague Inc Online

Plague Inc Online – Infect the world!

Plague Inc Online Evolved for PC - Windows and Mac - Free DownloadPlague Inc Online is a strategy game for your pc or smartphone. True danger might seem small and fragile, but it can wipe out all that we know in mere moments. That’s what Plague Inc Online is all about.

It’s a realistic game where you are the infection and you battle to take over the world, killing most living beings on the planet including human beings, who as the most intelligent species try to buy time in order to battle you – the infection that’s spreading in an alarming rate.

The main goal is bringing the end of humanity, living no trace of existence. With Plague Inc Online you have a brilliant and innovative gameplay. This strategy pushes strategy mobile gaming to its limit. It’s you vs the world. Who will survive? Humanity or you – the infection?

Plague Inc Download Online is one of the best strategy games (one of the best tablet games of 2012), which has over 200 million games played, over half a million 5 star ratings, featured in numerous blogs and even newspapers like – New York Post, London Metro, The Guardian, just to name a few.

Plague Inc Online has high level of quality in its design, its lots of fun, addictive and might as well be the best pocket game one can have.

Starting with the features – Plague Inc for PC Online has a state of the art HD graphics, well designed interface that will blow your mind, super-realistic game world with a really advanced AI that will cleverly try to prevent you from reaching the end goal.

Here you have 12 different strategies (each one for 12 different pathogens) you must master in order to play the game at a higher level.

You can save the game and load your saves at any time. Over 50 countries to be infected, thousands of world events that you take a huge part in – adapting to, and hundreds of ways to adapt to the changes that take place during those times.

Plague Inc para PC Online has a full game support, thus giving you the opportunity to learn lots and lots of new achievements, also providing you with new expansions to make it even more interesting!

Plague Inc Online is the closest in our time you will ever get to a real life scenario for global extinction, and you are the threat behind it all. It’s completely free to play. Be sure to check other versions of the game – like Plague Inc Online Evolved. You can download it on your computer, tablet or smartphone device anytime.